To buy or not to buy

to buy or not to buy

Written by Team Squirrelling. Monday August 20, 2018

We live in a fast paced, high tech world that’s constantly changing. Knowledge especially in the area of technology is increasing by the minute, evolving how we work, live and relate to each other.  If confirmation is needed about that just ask Google, Siri or Alexa and like magic genie lamps anything you desire to know will be answered instantly. 

The new norm, is ‘now’, as the saying goes ‘the heart wants, what the heart wants’ and it wants it now. Saving and waiting to buy what is needed is a choice we rarely opt for.  Tempted by the latest upgrades, gadgets and fashions, and coupled with advertisements that tell us that we need them in our lives, it’s sometimes hard to say no. That thirst for instant gratification aided by progresses in technology makes it so easy to say yes. 

If we don’t have the money, there are credit cards for those purchases, and if we do have the cash even for small purchases the option to pay by ‘contactless’ is often used, and is seen as the quickest and most efficient way.   

Like magic wands we use our cards, just ‘wave and pay’, but unfortunately that debt does not disappear.  Psychologically it’s easy to spend money that you can’t see and touch, and it can be easier still to lose track of what’s being spent.  

There is a saying, ‘Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad’.  It’s a good reminder that when taking advantage of the benefits of technology that knowledge brings, we should ensure we also use wisdom.

So where can we find an alternative to the have it all, and have it now lifestyle? Where can we seek wisdom?  It’s closer than we think.  Just step outside and look around.

Whilst we move through life trying to keep up with the next new thing, nature quietly unfolds around us.  The earth continues to revolve, the seasons change, and the sun rises and sets afresh each day.

Nature reminds us of a natural attainable rhythm to life.  Everything has a time, everything has a season, and most things are worth waiting for.  Like the taste of ripe fruit picked and eaten in season, or the kaleidoscope of colours that light up a sunset sky.  To enjoy the display we have to wait for the sun to set first, and that can’t be hurried.

So when funds aren’t readily available and the decision of ‘to buy or not to buy’ is raised, take a moment and think of a glorious sunset - nature is whispering save, it’s worth the wait.

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