Have you seen him?


Written by Team Squirrelling. Saturday August 18, 2018

They seek him here, they seek him there. They seek him everywhere.  Have you seen him?

We are of course talking about Keep On Squirrelling’s very own Keepsy. 

Keepsy and the Keep On Squirrelling team have set the challenge to reach every primary school in the UK with fun and memorable money management lessons. Teaching children how to keep their money like a squirrel keeps its nuts.

Children also get the opportunity to join the ‘Keepsy’s Kids Zone’ by learning Keepsy’s song, his dance and most importantly by putting the money management lessons into practice. 

Keepsy thought the best place to start would be the middle of the UK.  So far he’s visited many schools throughout the Midlands region, and is always overwhelmed by how much the children love to learn, have fun and to join ‘Keepsy’s Kids Zone’.

The message is starting to spread far and wide.  Keepsy is on tour and is determined to reach the rest of the UK as soon as he can.

What an exciting mission.  Go Keepsy!

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