Society starts at home

We are driven to make a positive difference for the home. With so many statistics showing the impact poor money management has on the home and society as a whole is concerning. Many individuals will not realise how one area of their life can so negatively affect another.

If you are under financial stress you are less likely to be full of love, generosity and joy and this will have a negative impact on those around you. We want to reduce that pain and bring out the joy within you which in turn brings joy to others. How do we do this? By equipping you and your family with key Money Management Principles.

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How to for Parents

Would you like to know how to support your children in managing their money?

Would you like your child to be equipped with money management skills so they are prepared for the future?


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A board game which incorporates Squirrelling Accounts, money, banks, interest, deposits, squirrels and nuts, to name a few. It is ideal for children & families. A financial tool which touches on the principles of real life.

If you are interested in the home version of the board game please contact us today.



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Debt Focused Organisations


If you are heavily in debt we have links we can direct you to. These organisations are solely focused and equipped in dealing with large debt removal and large debt management.This is not our focus.

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Our Focus

  • Equipping children to manage money so they are prepared for the future.
  • Equipping the family as a whole on money management so financial stress doesn't harm the family.

Keep On Squirrelling for Special Occasions

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Does your child keep talking about Keepsy the Squirrel? Do you like the concept and think it would be great for your child? Then why not book us in for a special occasion?

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